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The Trick to Recruiting Top Talent to Your Team

Hiring top talent is the best way to grow your business. This mantra holds whether you need a graphic designer, dental assistant, computer specialist, or administrative aide. When it comes to recruiting top talent, the following are some practical strategies that can help you receive the resumes you want to read.

Look Outside the Box

Is the air feeling stagnant in your business? If creativity has flatlined and morale is sinking, you may find it beneficial to broaden your talent search. Expanding your search outside of the regional, educational, and experience requirements used in the past can reinvigorate your business. It's a solid strategy for increasing your capabilities and the services you can offer to your clients. Whenever possible, look for transferable skills rather than a narrowly defined list of skill sets. Transferable skills are especially relevant if you are considering expanding your services and moving in a new direction soon.

Insist on the Basics

It doesn't matter if the candidate has a degree covered in Ivy, or a hard-earned community college diploma stained with coffee and fry grease from long hours at work between classes. What matters the most is more fundamental. Top employees know how to communicate effectively, work well as part of a team, manage their time efficiently, and rise, rather than slink away from new challenges. When you are recruiting new employees to your organization, hire applicants who are masters of these essential skills.

Look for (and Reward!) Loyalty

Hiring and training new employees is a costly endeavor. It's an investment in skills and talent that will serve your business well as the years roll by on the calendar. Naturally, you want to retain your best people. You do this by rewarding them and compensating them for their work ethic and efforts. You achieve it by providing opportunities for them to expand their skills, hone their talents, and achieve their professional goals.

Top talent seeks this out and recognizes it during the interview process. Most top performers will leave an employer when their skills go unrewarded, or when the opportunities for growth dry up. Look for these signals during the interview process. Highlighting your loyalty to employees and the steps you take to promote, reward, and retain employees can encourage top performers to bring their talents to your company.

Understand Your Culture

How do employees collaborate on projects? Are employees jovial and extroverted, or are they reserved and private about their personal lives? It is essential to break down the critical benchmarks of your company culture. Use what you discover as a guideline to compare prospective candidates. This will help you narrow down your search to candidates whose personality and demeanor will fit in and thrive within your company.

Hire the Right Recruiter

The average job posting receives more than 250 applicants, which is much information to sort through. An experienced recruiter can help tailor your search to meet your specific needs. Your recruiter will determine the most effective wording for the posting and the most efficient search strategy. An effective strategy may involve a combination of social media, LinkedIn, print magazines, etc. If you do receive 250 or more applicants, you can rest assured that each individual matches the specific criteria you established. Your recruiter can then work with you to interview and narrow the list down to the handful of individuals who rise to the top.

Contact Greenlink Payroll at (480) 385-2525 to discuss your staffing needs. As your recruiter, we go above and beyond to help you attract and onboard the best employees for your business.

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News and Blog Posts


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