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Team Building Activities That Make an Impact

Team building activities are a great way to bring employees together. They sharpen problem-solving skills, hone communication, and create bonds between personnel that can help your organization achieve your goals. The following are some quick activities you can do during your next staff retreat or department meeting.

1. Silver Lining on the LensPair up teams in groups of two. Have Participant A share negative work experience with Participant B. Then, have Participant B do the same. Have each find the positive in the experience and share their wisdom with the group. This helps everyone learn to look at situations through a silver-lined lens.

2. Talk to MeBefore your next meeting, please spend a few minutes and have staff walk around the room and share what they plan to share during the session. After that person presents during the meeting, call for a show of hands asking how many people already knew what was presented. The person with the most votes wins a prize. This helps teach people how to succinctly and effectively share information with the team.

3. Show and TellHave everyone put something from their purse, pocket, or briefcase on the table. Have them provide a 1-2 minute product demonstration of the item to the right of their seat. Then hold a show of hands vote for "Most Creative," "Funniest," and "Most Informative" presentation. This activity helps people think on their feet and sharpen their presentation skills.

4. Broken EggsThings don't always go the way you plan. Sometimes, you'll break a few eggs. This fun team building activity brings out the kid in everyone and shows employees that sometimes even the best-laid plans (or eggs, as in this case) fail. Schedule a launch time and have everyone build their own "Eggstranaut" using only supplies from around the office. When it's time to launch, head up to the second or third floor and award prizes for those eggs that survive the landing.

5. A Spy Among UsCorporate secrets need to stay hidden, and this activity helps train employees the value of tight lips that won't sink the ship. Split your department staff into teams of 3-4 people. Give each group a "secret" item that they have to protect until the next department meeting. The item must remain in the open, and they can move the object at will, but it must be visible within the office at all times. Other teams must try and find these "secrets" and steal them. The group that collects the most secrets by the next meeting wins. This helps employees hone their observation skills and understanding of securing the company's assets.

6. Battle of the BandsSome team building activities are just pure fun. Break your staff up into 3-4 person bands. Have each team pick a song and assign the roles of lead singer, drummer, guitarist, and backup dancer. At the next meeting, have each team dress in costume, bring props, and lip-sync their way into the office hall of fame. They may not win a Grammy, but they might earn a few laughs, and that's always great for company morale.

Team building activities will build strong bonds between your employees and your departments. They can improve efficiency, sharpen communications, and spark creative ideas that can lead to innovative products. If you are looking to bring your company closer together through streamlined human resources tools, contact Greenlink Payroll at (480) 385-2525. It is our pleasure to help you boost morale and show you how our services can help you focus on growing your business.

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News and Blog Posts


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