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Outsourcing Administrative Tasks Keeps You Nimble in a Fluid Economy

2020 has been a year for the books. Events have upended entire industries and thrown global economies into disarray. Suppose there is one overarching lesson to learn from this year. In that case, the business that is the most nimble is the business that can survive and potentially thrives during shifting economic conditions. Outsourcing administrative tasks like payroll processing and time tracking is one strategy that can enhance your flexibility. 

Paying for outsourced administrative services through software allows you to expand your business at a lower cost than hiring in-house personnel. Since you don't need additional office space or equipment, your overhead costs drop considerably. As your business needs expand or contract, you can adjust accordingly. This can offer additional savings that can shield your bottom line when business tapers off.

Shifting your administrative tasks to the virtual space also frees up your staff. They can condense their current workload in order to focus on more pressing matters for your business. This makes your business and staff more productive, instead of them getting backlogged with smaller tasks, which improves your bottom line. In this economy, where many may have been let go, this is a flexibility at its finest.

Hiring outside administrative services in the form of software also reduces your risk. You don't need to hire someone else to do more administrative work, so you don't have to worry about them not living up to your expectations. This is a far easier and less costly alternative than hiring an administrative assistant who may or may not be a good fit for your needs.

Moreover, if you are a small business and your administrative assistant is out sick, it can leave you in a lurch. With cloud based software, your employees can answer many questions on their own through their personal online dashboard. This makes it easier for your staff in that your business can remain functional until your administrative assistant returns to the office.  

Whether you are a small business owner or the CEO of a Fortune 500, there is no question that your time is limited. Your skills and talents are best applied toward tasks and functions that grow your business and guide its direction. Outsourcing administrative services to the cloud frees up your time so that you are not bogged down managing talent or benefits and other administrative tasks. It is an investment in time, and in business, time is always of the essence.

Greenlink Payroll can offer you reliable, cost-effective administrative software to help your staff be nimble in this fluid economy. We encourage you to contact us at (480) 385-2525. It is our pleasure to use our team's skills and talents to help you grow your business.

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News and Blog Posts


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