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Office Safety in Turbulent Times

COVID-19. Economic uncertainty. 2020 just isn't the year where things are going very smoothly. If anything, the news of the day points to even more trouble ahead, and business owners are justifiably nervous. Proactive action is the best cure for nerves, and that means making sure the office is safe and secure so that your employees and your operations don't end up in danger. 

Office safety starts with a reliable, integrated, and monitored security system. This system should include high-resolution cameras. This gives your watchful eye a clear picture over your business that doesn't blink after hours, on weekends, or over holidays. Monitored systems make it possible for security providers to communicate with police, firefighters, and paramedics as the situation evolves. This shortens response time, which can save lives when moments matter.

You will also want to adopt strict safety protocols. These include limiting access to the office, even for family members and loved ones. You will also want to make sure that doors remain locked during business hours and that access is controlled via either electronic keys or keycodes.

One thing that many business owners overlook is the need to screen their employees. Workplace violence incidents are on the rise, and you must know whether your employees have a history of violent behavior. This is not something that many business owners are comfortable discussing, but it is vital for ensuring office safety.

Developing an emergency action plan is another step you can take to enhance office safety. Many government agencies and large businesses have solid action plans in place for a wide range of scenarios. While you may not need to plan for terror attacks or certain natural disasters, you will want to assess which threats you may face. For example, a COVID-19 outbreak in your area, an intruder in the building, civil unrest down the street, forest fires, floods, etc. Developing custom plans for each potential threat can help you shift operations and keep personnel safe until things return to normal.

Of course, any emergency action plan is useless if no one knows what's in it. That is why you will also want to conduct "fire drills" with your employees. This is vital, because in an emergency, such as an active shooter, fire, or intruder, your personnel must be able to react rapidly without thinking. The more training you provide, the faster they will be able to shift into autopilot mode. Routine training allows them to quickly shift gears and perform the necessary lockdown or evacuation procedures.       

Finally, regularly test and maintain your security systems. Make sure all door locks function properly. Make sure the fire alarms, emergency lighting, and sprinkler systems are operational. Actively monitor threats in your area. If there are known hazards, such as bad weather in the forecast, a planned protest, etc., be prepared to implement enhanced security protocols until the danger has passed. 

Office safety is not something you want to leave to chance. At Greenlink Payroll, our team can help you adopt plans and policies that will keep your business safe from internal and external threats. We encourage you to contact us at (480) 385-2525 to speak with our team about our services, which can free up your time for precious tasks such as office safety. It's our pleasure to go the extra mile to make sure your business is locked down tight, no matter what threats are lurking over the horizon.    

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News and Blog Posts


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