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Making It Through the Last Minutes of Benefits Enrollment

It is somewhat ironic that many employees would rather have a root canal than go over the details of their health insurance policies. Sorting through the details of coverage and co-pays, premiums and prescription plans require digging through fine print and pages of legalese. It's not fun, and you can expect that many of your employees won't expend the time or energy sorting through the health plans available to them.

Most will spend less than an hour on the chore and make a last-minute decision as the open benefits enrollment clock counts down to zero on December 15th. As employees mull over this decision in the coming days, the following are some things you can do to help them make the right decision for the year ahead.

Provide a Wealth of Resources

Secure the resources you need through your benefits provider and vendors. Health insurance calculators and charts showing easy to understand plan comparisons are invaluable resources. These tools create side-by-side comparisons that make it easier for employees to navigate their options. You will also want to provide a quick contact list that employees can use to contact the health insurance provider with their questions. Providing these tools will also free up your time by making it possible for employees to find answers to their questions on their own.

Keep an Open Door & Keep It Open After Hours

Increase your availability to answer questions and help employees choose the plan that best meets their needs. Make sure your employees can reach you throughout the day via phone, in person, and internal messaging systems, and through phone or email after hours and on weekends. You will want to set aside a considerable amount of time to answer their questions and walk them through the finer points of each policy.

Go Over HSA’s and FSA’s

Most employees understand the basics of the HSA and FSA accounts available to them. However, they probably don't have a solid grasp of how they can (and can't) use these accounts. Their contributions to these accounts tie into their health coverage decision, so be sure to send out a company-wide email to address the finer points of HSA's and FSA's. You will want to do this as soon as possible if you have not already done so.

Remind, Remind, and Remind Again

Employees are busy wrapping up projects before the end of the year. Many are eagerly anticipating family vacations and holiday fun. It's up to you to remind them of their healthcare obligations. Send out a company-wide reminder email right after everyone returns from Thanksgiving weekend. Send another out at the end of the first week of December. By Tuesday the next week, make contact via phone if possible. Finally, send one last email on the morning of Friday the 13th to those who still haven't signed up. Don't spook them too much, but do remind them in a firm tone that time is almost out.

Provide Cloud-Based Enrollment Options

Many employees hesitate to pull the trigger because they plan to spend more time out of work reviewing their options, often with a spouse or another loved one's advice. However, they often forget to spend time on it once they get home, or they no longer have access to resources needed to make an informed decision. Cloud-based health insurance and enrollment options can prevent this hiccup and make it easier for your employees to access necessary information from anywhere.

Greenlink Payroll can help guide your employees through the benefits enrollment process. We invite you to contact us at (480) 385-2525 to discuss our payroll, HR, and benefits services. It is our pleasure to help keep your employees healthy so that they can focus on their jobs.

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News and Blog Posts


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