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Keeping Your Remote Employees Together When They're Apart

Businesses are evolving quickly as COVID-19 causes disruptions and delays across the world. While technology can make it possible to get the work done that needs to be done, it comes with a significant downside. Specifically, remote workers can feel detached and isolated from their peers in the company. As a company, there are some things you can do to help bridge these divides and bring your remote employees together until they can be in the same office again.

The Value of Virtual Coffee Breaks

Employees love to get together to discuss last night's game, family news, or work issues around the water cooler. These quick chats help build friendships and cement teams together. These short conversations spark ideas, solve problems, and much more. Setting up online meet-ups on Google Hangouts, Slack, etc., allows employees to take a virtual coffee break together. Employees who spend a few hours each week on these calls are more productive and effective.

Host Weekly Status Meetings With Senior Management

Our economy has not had a shock like this since World War II. Your people are nervous and casting a wary eye towards the future. They are watching the news and want to know that their jobs are secure and their employers are looking out for their interests. Hosting weekly status meetings with senior managers is an opportunity to give a pep talk, and it provides everyone up-to-date information about the status of the company, and the course managers are charting through this crisis. It also offers an opportunity for employees to ask questions of everyone from the CEO to the HR department.

Set Up "Fun" Time

People are getting creative during these times. They are learning new skills, cooking fresh foods, and trying new things. Setting up a YouTube channel where employees can show off their new skills, share a recipe, or teach others how to plant the perfect flower bed is a great way to foster a sense of togetherness among remote employees. It can help lighten the mood and give employees ways to show off their non-work related talents and interests. It's a fast and fun way to boost morale within your company.

Of course, a healthy sense of competition helps combat boredom. Some games such as Fortnite require individuals to work together as part of a team. Playing these games together can help remote employees better understand the thought processes and responses of their co-workers. This can translate into more effective teamwork and higher work efficiency.

Regular Meetings Maintain a Sense of Routine

If your teams typically met at 9 am on Monday mornings, continue to meet virtually at the same time. While you don't want to increase the number of meetings right now, you do want to maintain routines that existed before COVID-19 became a household word. Keep the meetings as relaxed as possible, and remember that it never hurts to insert a touch of humor and playfulness into these virtual meetings.

Counsel Your Employees

Working from home isn't easy for everyone. It can create a deep sense of loneliness for many. Provide your employees with tips and advice on how to beat the boredom and keep the blues at bay. It's also advisable to provide them information on online counseling services covered by your health plan. This will give them an outlet to voice concerns and refocus on their jobs.

We encourage you to contact Greenlink Payroll at (480) 385-2525 for more information about how to manage remote employees. It's our pleasure to help you bring your remote employees together and strengthen the position of your company.

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News and Blog Posts


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