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The Value of Your Employee Self-Service Portal

Time is money, and the more time you spend on menial HR tasks, is less time you have for other projects. Adopting a reliable employee self-service portal frees up your time and gives your employees the ability to take charge of their records. It's a solid investment that will boost productivity, streamline recordkeeping, and save your business considerable sums of money throughout the year.

Common Features of an Employee Self-Service Portal

While many employees would like the system to include the ability to change their salary, the fact is that employee self-service portals restrict this feature to a limited number of managers and HR professionals. However, they do feature many other valuable, and useful tools employees can use. Keep in mind that any features you offer can be set up so that any changes made to the system require approval before entering your company database.

These include the ability to change addresses, personal contact information, and bank accounts for paycheck direct deposits. Many are designed so that employees can view their work schedules and submit vacation/leave requests. Most are set up to show employees their weekly, monthly, and annual payroll records. These can be very useful features in helping employees organize their budgets and prepare for tax season.

One of the most important inclusions in your employee self-service portal pertains to the benefits packages you offer. During open enrollment, employees can access the plans you offer and make adjustments to their policies. It also allows them to make adjustments to their health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts that your company offers.

Are Employee Self-Service Portals Just for Large Companies?

This is a common misconception. While it is true that most large companies use self-service portals for staff, the fact is that small to medium-sized companies often have the most to gain by adopting an employee self-service portal. Further, the cost is far from prohibitive. Indeed, the savings gained from purchasing a viable software platform and the hardware required to operate it pays for itself very quickly. Once in place, most portals only require light maintenance and general updates.Employee self-service portals can augment your HR team's capabilities, no matter how large or small your company may be. These portals make it a breeze to manage time records, administer benefits packages, and track employee growth. Most importantly, they can be customized to your specific needs. Ultimately, adopting an employee self-service portal is akin to adding several people to your HR team.

It makes it possible for you to make changes quickly and efficiently. With an effective self-service portal in place, your employees can update their records and make changes at home, while on vacation or on their break. This allows you to focus on other tasks such as hiring new personnel, investigating new benefit programs, or developing team training sessions and retreats. Combined, these features and benefits make it easier for you to hire and retain personnel. It also makes it easier for your personnel to focus on their jobs instead of the minutiae of requesting time off, changing their address, or asking for copies of their pay stubs. Everyone wins with an employee self-service portal, and it is why we recommend the solutions we offer to all of our clients.

Do you need an employee self-service portal you can count on? Contact Greenlink Payroll at (480) 385-2525 to discover the HR solutions we offer. Our HR professionals can help you select a portal that is ideally suited for your operations, the needs of your company, and the convenience of your employees.

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News and Blog Posts


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