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Day-to-Day Ideas for Office Team Building

When most companies think of team building, they often think of large planned company retreats at a fun place like an outdoor park. These opportunities give employees the ability to break out of the office environment and get to know each other personally and professionally.But what about implementing team building each day? True, these large outdoor team building exercises are beneficial, but they may not be enough to promote camaraderie in the everyday setting that workers are in day in and day out.Here are some ideas for day-to-day team building activities that your company can implement.

Stand Up or Walking Meetings

Stand up or walking meetings are a great way for employees to get out of their desks or the office and collaborate on a project. Not only do these ideas help get work done and promote communication, they also promote health. Many workers spend the majority of their days in chairs at a computer, so taking a walk around the block or standing up to take a meeting is often a welcome reprieve from sitting. Walking meetings have also been shown to boost creativity, leading to better ideas, which is a great way to build trust, openness, and conversation between people.

Put Communal Learning Boards Around the Office

If your office has empty wall space, one way to fill that and promote team building is by setting up learning boards around the office. These can be cork or white boards or even large sheets of butcher paper. Hang up a few of these around the office and write a question at the top of it. These questions can be thought provoking and team related, such as “How can we as a company improve our relationships with our customers?” or fun and light-hearted, such as “What is a life goal you have any why?” Leave markers around the area so people can write their responses and encourage them to leave their names underneath for identification. You may soon find that people are conglomerating around the board talking about their responses, which encourages them to get out of their desks and talk to each other. For continual team building, change out the questions each week.

Fun Snack Carts

A cart filled with snacks roaming around the office on a Friday afternoon or Tuesday mid-morning can be a great way to break up the day and connect with others. Not only does the cart team have to come up with the snacks or drinks to be put in the cart, promoting camaraderie and team building, they can suggest themes like ice cream for one Friday or muffins and juice on a Monday morning. The physical act of pushing the cart around the office can not only provide a fun way to get out of your seat but a chance to talk with others around the office about what they’re working on.

People are the lifeblood of any company. Providing them with ways to better communicate with each other can help your company grow. Greenlink can help your company grow through cloud based HR, talent management, and more. For more information, contact us here.

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News and Blog Posts


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