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The Advantages of Human Capital Management Software

No matter what your company sells or what service it provides, undoubtedly the most valuable resource you have is your employees. Your employees spend their days contributing to the overall success of your organization and it is their talent that can make an organization successful, or upon their misuse of talent, that an organization may break. That is why a comprehensive human capital management system is so important.

Human capital management is a term that encompasses a set of practices for the recruitment, management, development, and optimization of employees within an organization. Talent recruitment is of particular importance as no company should ever simply hire a person in order to fill a vacant position. But in a world with so many skilled individuals, how do you choose the perfect fit for your company? Consider the advantages of human capital management software.

The Difference of Human Capital Management Software

You may already be aware of or even have implemented traditional human resource information systems (HRIS) software. This term and human capital management are sometimes interchanged but it is important to note that each serves a very different purpose. Where HRIS is focused on the operational management side of things, such as payroll and benefits management, human capital management software goes beyond such operational tasks and focuses also on the recruitment, retainment, and cultivation of top workforce talent. Greenlink's comprehensive solution provides you with all the tolls needed to manage your employees effectively.

The Advantages of Human Capital Management Software

  • Easy recruitment tools. With online, cloud-based human capital management software, your company and HR team can easily and effectively track the quantity and quality of applicants coming in from a variety of sources. The software can also pick up on people who would be well-matched for open positions but who have not yet applied. In this manner, HR team members can easily select for the skills, education level, and background information they want from candidates and find the perfect potential hirees in a fraction of the time.  Additionally, the tracking software integrated into the human capital management system also aids in smoothing out the communication process. Applicants are immediately notified of each stage of the hiring process which prevents delays and makes for a better first-time impression of your company.
  • Better onboarding process. Recruitment is just the first stage. The next, and oftentimes the more expensive part of recruitment, is getting new hires trained and into their positions. That said, you also don't want to rush the onboarding process as at least one report has shown that effective onboarding can improve employee performance by 11.3% and also improves employee engagement and retention. Human capital software aids in this by including key tools that assist with managing all the necessary forms and files HR needs from employees and ensuring that things like benefits enrollment is effectively and correctly done. With cloud-based software, employees themselves can access and review these files as well as information pertinent to their new position. This easy and open access improves everyone's experience of the onboarding process and ensures that nobody and no files are forgotten or incorrectly prepared.

Learn More About Cloud-based Human Resource Tools at Greenlink

Are you ready to see just how much HCM software and other online, cloud-based HR tools can assist you and your company? Contact our team at Greenlink to learn more about the advanced tools that our latest software provides and how other companies have implemented those tools to improve their human resource department.

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News and Blog Posts


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