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8 Reasons iSolved Cloud Based Payroll Software Is a Good Investment for Your Business

If you run a business in the United States, there is a good chance that you are familiar with cloud-based payroll technology. There is an even better chance that the current disruptions caused by COVID-19 have forced your business to conduct many payroll functions remotely. If you are still wondering whether the iSolved cloud-based payroll solution is right for your business, consider the following eight benefits.

  1. iSolved's Cloud-Based Payroll Features are Secure. Access is limited to authorized individuals, which limits the opportunities for prying eyes and sticky fingers. Moreover, since everything is in the cloud, there is no worry about physical documents getting lost, stolen, or misplaced.
  2. iSolved Pays Employees on Time. People depend on their paychecks arriving on a set schedule. When paychecks are delayed, employees can be left without the funds they need to pay debt obligations, purchase food, etc. When this happens, employee morale sinks. Cloud-based payroll solutions ensure that your payroll goes out on time, every time. Moreover, because the process is almost entirely automated, it takes just minutes rather than hours to complete payroll. This saves time and money and frees your employees to perform other tasks.
  3. Improved Accuracy. Cloud-based payroll solutions eliminate many of the risks of human error. Cloud-based systems make it easy to calculate and manage everything from overtime and raises to vacation leave and taxes. Cloud-based solutions keep all these moving parts organized and easily searchable for both your HR team and your employees.  
  4. Forms are Automated. Government and benefit provider forms are notoriously long and easily lost. Whether it's tax records or insurance registrations, cloud-based payroll solutions allow you to automate these forms. This makes it harder for employees to lose them, and it makes it easier for you to submit them to the intended recipient.
  5. Cloud-Based Payroll Is the Key to the Future. In recent years, businesses have embraced remote working situations, albeit with a bit of skepticism. Moreover, most remote work plans were haphazard and not well-defined. However, this past year the number of businesses depending on remote workers has risen exponentially. Rather than killing many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has created new opportunities and new ways of doing business. As businesses embrace remote work as the norm rather than as an employee perk, cloud-based payroll becomes the core feature that makes it possible to hire, manage, and retain a remote workforce. 
  6. Ensures Compliance. Tax codes and labor laws are constantly evolving. Falling out of compliance can be a costly mistake. Cloud-based payroll solutions are programmed to incorporate changes to tax codes and labor laws automatically. This helps your business stay compliant and protects your business from fines and penalties.
  7. Monitoring Employees & Billing is Easier. Cloud-based solutions can be linked with employee timesheet and client billing systems. This simplifies the process of monitoring employee attendance and billing clients for hours worked. If problems or disputes arise, you can quickly reference this data. 
  8. Budgeting Is Easier. Cloud-based payroll solutions make it a breeze to see where your money goes each month. This makes it possible for you to forecast future payroll needs, adjust benefit offerings, and prepare your business for projects on the horizon.

We inivte you to contact Greenlink Payroll at (480) 385-2525. Our team will explain more about iSolved and the many advantages a cloud-based payroll solution has to offer your business. We will answer your questions and provide you with a free quote for our payroll services.

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News and Blog Posts


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